Project Experience

As in everything in life, experience counts. McMillan Consulting has a great deal of experience dealing with technology projects and bringing systems online with no unplanned downtime. From small to medium businesses to enterprise scale projects McMillan can plan, implement, and manage your technical projects. We have selected to profile our capabilities and unique approach to project management and professionalism by describing several projects that have recently been completed.

Law Firm Network Implementation

attorney at law and justiceSeveral partners from a large law firm decided to set up a new practice and needed a mature, state of the art network from server to desktops configured and deployed in a short timeframe. The client found suitable office space and a McMillan project manager coordinated cabling and telephone system installations while McMillan engineers configured a network server and 10 workstations for deployment.

Working just a step behind the carpet layers and painters, the server room was designed and a server cabinet installed while the server, printers, and workstations were being configured in McMillan’s tech rooms. A comprehensive fax solution was installed along with the network infrastructure (managed switch, firewall, and router) and the desktop components put into place as each piece of supporting furniture was brought in the door.

McMillan implemented a digital transcription solution which was integrated with the desktops and installed wireless telephone headsets for a number of the firm’s personnel. Dual monitors were installed for all legal secretaries and paralegals which ultimately had a substantial positive impact on productivity. Critical data was migrated from the old law firm to the new firm and tested. This involved McMillan coordinating with several software vendors and performing installations of these vertical market applications since the software vendors could not respond quickly enough to meet the start of business deadline.

McMillan had the network installed, online, and fully functional just 21 days following the initial planning meeting at McMillan’s offices.

Dental office and Operatory Network

Doctor With Tablet ComputerThe doctors of a dental practice working extensively in arena of cosmetic dentistry wanted to integrate new networked computer technology into their existing dental operatories. The goal was to allow a doctor to show the patient, in real time, images from an oral camera as well as digital x-rays on a high resolution computer monitor while the patient was in the chair. The doctor wanted to have the ability to record still pictures as well as live video from the oral camera and store the images in the patient’s digital file while performing procedures.

McMillan installed workstations in each of the seven existing operatories with the CPU hidden out of sight and the LCD monitor screen mounted on an articulating arm attached to each dental chair. Completing each operatory was a wireless keyboard with a built in pointing device. Oral camera base stations were installed in each operatory so any of the several new oral cameras could be quickly utilized in whichever operatory was in use. The operatory workstations were tied into the business side of the network enabling doctors to access their practice management software to give them immediate access to pictures, x-rays, and treatment plans for the patient they were with. In conjunction with the operatory make over,

McMillan replaced the client’s aging server and coordinated with the practice management software vendor to upgrade their primary application as part of the cutover to the new server hardware platform.

The client experienced no unanticipated downtime as the new network was deployed between end of business Friday and start of business the following Monday.

East Coast Subsidary Office Network

it enineers in network server roomAn existing client of McMillan Consulting with offices on the West Coast had a unique business opportunity that would allow them to leverage their existing business expertise and enter a new market. This opportunity required them to set up a subsidiary business office on the East Coast and be up and operational in less than a month. McMillan immediately ordered the necessary network hardware.

McMillan’s Systems Department setup and configured the server (including Exchange), while the Network Department built out the switch and firewall on our test bench. 14 workstations were configured, all software applications installed and tested, and two laptops setup for remote access. McMillan’s Telecommunications Department ordered the 30 POTs telephone lines needed for immediate installation while working with AT&T to get two T1 (PRI) lines contracted for. Office space was located and McMillan worked with local wiring and telephone system contractors to get the necessary facilities installed.

McMillan shipped the configured server and network infrastructure along with the workstations and laptops across the country to the new office. McMillan flew a project engineer onsite to assemble the necessary components into a functioning network and to configure and secure a wireless access point so the network could be accessed via the wireless equipped laptops. McMillan performed training and had the network up and running and talking to the parent company network via a VPN tunnel and finished everything three days prior to the “go live” date.

Total time from the initial planning meeting to first business day was 23 days.




“Casey was very helpful working on the issue from a distance and helping to figure out the issue with my limited knowledge as his eyes on this end. Working with him is always easy as he is very patient and knowledgeable.” –Crown Jewels Produce